Schizophrenia is a very serious disorder and it occurs to a number of people all around the world. It usually happens in adulthood but there are some cases of schizophrenia which happened in the late childhood. It comes with a life long struggle as the person suffering from it becomes delusions and start having hallucinations. This is why it is very important to recognize this disorder and make sure that it is treated in time and the person suffering from this disease is not left alone to deal with the implications of this disease. The most common age for this disorder to strike is between 16 and 30. Usually this disorder develops in a very slow manner and the patient do not get to know about it unless it is fully developed.


Most of the people suffering from schizophrenia depend on other people in order to provide them with basic necessities of life as they are unable to do any job. Most of them are even unable to take care of themselves and they refuse to receive any treatment as they think that there is nothing wrong with them. This kind of attitude leads them to more severe problems and a potential increase in their intensity of disorder. There are a number of symptoms of the schizophrenia and they depend entirely on the type of presence. However, following are some of the symptoms which are very common in people suffering from schizophrenia:

  • Positive symptoms involve delusions and hallucinations as they are harmless and the person do not try to harm others or one's own self.
  • Negative symptoms are one which effect the personality of the person and it involves the absence of motivation in the particular person and trying to be isolated from the overall environment.
  • Delusions come in the form of false belief and one may be develop things of objects in mind which have no real life value. They may adapt a feeling that other people are trying to control them. Delusion also make them to believe that they have extraordinary power and that is why they are having all the visions.
  • Lack of motivation also comes with this disorder and when the patient isolate him/herself they lose the motivation to do very basic things such as washing and cooking.
  • They become unaware of the expressions and become expressionless, they talk as if they are in a void which is why they get isolated as they do not feel the urge to socialize and make sure that they get the required attention in order to overcome their disorder.
  • One of the most dangerous symptoms is their unawareness towards the disorder as they believe that they are not the ill and all the hallucinations are the result of a power which is possessed by them.
  • They also face difficulties in remembering things as they get more difficult to handle, they are unable to concentrate or recall the most common things. This affects whole of their life as it gets very difficult to communicate with them.

There are a number of factors which causes schizophrenia and the evidence collected by most of the scientists around the world, suggest that environmental and genetic factors play a very important role in acquiring schizophrenia. Following are some of the most common factors which influence schizophrenia.

  • Genetic inheritance plays a very important role and if there is no history of schizophrenia in a particular family than the chances of developing it are very less. However, the chances of acquiring schizophrenia increases if a parent is diagnosed with the disorder.
  • Imbalance of dopamine is also a major reason of this disease. This is a neurotransmitter which plays a very important role in carrying out the activities of the brain.
  • Family tensions or stress also leads to schizophrenia, however, there is no such evidence that it actually happens but most of the patients suffering from this disease believes that their condition is developed due to tension in the family.
  • Environmental factors play an important role in developing this disease as stressful experiences cause people to develop depression ultimately triggering this disorder.

A number of treatments have been proposed in order to cure schizophrenia and these different types of treatment can help in getting the most of the patients to live a normal life. These treatments do not cure schizophrenia but it develops a potency in the patient to cope up with the disease and live a life along with the disease. Following is the treatment for most effective treatment of schizophrenia and it involves.

  1. Medication
  2. Self-help resources
  3. Psychological counselling

Following are some of the most common medications which are used to cure this disorder.

  • Risperidone
  • Quetiapine
  • Haloperidol

It is very important to make sure that one gets to the basics of the disease and it is confirmed that the disease from which one is suffering is schizophrenia and all other possible options are crossed out. This is the duty of the doctor to make sure that the patient have all the symptoms of schizophrenia so that one can start the treatment for schizophrenia as early as possible. Following are some of the symptoms which are necessary to have by a patient in order to rule it for schizophrenia.

  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Disorganized speech
  • Change in behavior
  • Presence of negative symptoms of schizophrenia

It is very important to diagnose this disease and start working on a cure as it makes sure that the patient gets healthy and lives a normal life.

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